Job prospects for civil engineers in India and abroad


Among all branches of the engineering, the range and applications of civil engineering is widest and most visible.  The main job of civil engineers is to design, plan, build, manage and administer the major infrastructure projects in the country. The microscopic execution is needed to implement the grand design of architecture to give shape to building, complexes and residential colonies or skyscrapers.

There are many aspects of the civil engineers ranging from hydro engineering, to coastal engineering, environmental, material, structural, geothermal, transportation, and water resources engineering.

The employment opportunities for civil engineers are expected to grow in the near future as India launches new big infrastructure projects .The demand for infrastructure projects is expected to grow and this demand will create new jobs for civil engineers.  Large number of civil engineers will be needed to mange construction of roads, highways, ports, residential colonies, office complexes, airports and other such projects.

The demand will also come from states, where the new residential colonies are coming up and rural roads are being made to link villages to the cities. The focus of the central government to build series of small and big ports on the long coastal line will create demand for civil engineers in port construction, roads construction from port to interiors of the city and for make new office complexes near the ports. Besides ports, the central government is building many airports in the second and third tier cities to bring large number of cities onto the air map of the country. This government policy will also create huge job opportunities for the civil engineers.


The civil engineers can work Best Job Placement Consultancy in India  in private or government organizations.  The government companies engaged in major projects always need experienced engineers and fresher from civil engineering to manage their projects at state or national level.

Job prospects at international level –

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The major part of the developed world is facing recession for last few years, which means that no new jobs are coming in their countries. The few jobs which are being added in the countries are reserved for the local population as governments of those countries want to keep their employment rates down.

The decline in oil prices have led to the decline in demand for major construction projects in the Middle East, the traditional major source of jobs for Indian in various sectors. However, the candidates with higher qualifications and experience with specialization in any branch of civil engineering Civil Engineer Recruitment in Delhi  can find opportunities in several projects in several projects in African, west Asia and North America.


Engineering education is seen as a solid base for bright future in India. It remains one of the most sought after technical courses among students. The prospects of an engineering graduate are directly linked to the engineering college or institute, from where a student has come from. Even for students who want to further pursue the management courses, the rate of success, will be higher, if they have engineering degree compare to simple graduation degree in humanities.

On the basis of number given by AICTE (all India council for technical education)More than 440,000 students were admitted into first year engineering education in India in 2004-05. The number of students who were in IITs, the premier engineering institution in the country was only in few thousands.

The level of engineering education being imparted through various collages is not of the same quality. The level of IITs is considered as one of the best in the world in all branches of engineering. The facility and teaching there can be put at par with any engineering institute of undergraduate level in the world.  The basic idea behind creation of these institutions was to create a modern technical work force to build India, after independence. These IIT institutes have in the process build a reputation for themselves by producing highly qualified and talented graduate who go to manage some of the prestigious companies in the world.

State level engineering colleges called regional engineering college come at next level in terms of quality.  Finding huge gap between demand and supply, various private institutions have emerged to provide quality engineering education in all branches. These various private institutes have recently made a good mark, ensuring placements to all successful candidates with leading companies in India, both local and foreign.

Opportunities for Engineering Students – 

Growing economy has created demand for engineering graduates all branches. Huge infrastructure need cannot be met without the service of civil engineers. Road construction projects , houses projects , and expansion of railways in hitherto inaccessible areas like in Kashmir, has thrown up demand for civil engineers .The leading infrastructure companies like L& T, railways engineers India ltd , are among the infrastructure companies , where jobs opportunities for engineers have come up .   The growth of residential colonies in Delhi and neighboring areas has led to demand for civil engineers. Civil Engineer Recruitment in Delhi mainly caters to various infrastructure companies. For electrical engineers, both private and public sector have equal opportunities but the disinvestment process has given more space to private sector companies to create space for themselves and create prospects for young graduate in engineering. This has led to emergence of opportunities for electrical engineers in Delhi Jobs for Electrical Engineer in Delhi can be in field of design and development, manufacturing, production and maintenance, automation and operation of any product or equipment which works on electricity.

What are Several Benefits of Hiring the Services of Placement, Recruitment or Human Resource Agencies?

It was reported during recent studies that in-house recruiters are now relying very less on exterior placement, recruitment and human resource agencies. Contract to survey, the rise of the human resource agencies is on sudden rise in last twenty years, owing to their advantages over the traditional in-house recruitment procedures.

One of the major advantages of hiring placement agency is that they are associated with excellent knowledge of the market. Their expertise and specialist of markets, makes the recruitment by the team of recruitment professionals highly demanded. With the aid of excellent knowledge of salary rates and career expectations, the placement agencies have been able to render best possible job to the job seekers. Besides this, the placement agencies holds excellent knowledge of available skill-sets and current hiring complexities, they have been able to provide the right candidates to their employers.

Many talented professionals are very hard to hire, owing their extremely selective or passive nature. The services of the leading human resource or placement agencies can be hired.  With their extended reach and necessary knowledge of this domain, the placement or recruitment agencies can help the employers to systematically hire those candidates that are extremely hard to hire. With their wide connection, the human recruitment agencies are known for recruiting right kind of candidates with right experience.

A lot of time of the employers is wasted for filtering and assessing candidates that are not suitable for jobs. Matching the right kind of candidates and then effectively communicating with them by the employers effectively waste a lot of resource and money. The placement agencies not only find right kind of candidates for their employers but also ensure that the qualifications and skills of the candidates are never compromised. On behalf of the employers, the placement agencies perform pre-selection of the candidates in accordance to the specifications and requirements provided by the employers.

For the purpose of effective development of their company into brands, the small or medium business enterprises can contact Best Human Resource Consultancy in Delhi with qualified human resource professionals. The human resource consultancy effectively enlightens the candidates with efficient work culture and other valuable benefits associated with working for any particular firm.

Career openings available and growth opportunities associated with the particular firms is effectively explained to the job seekers by the human resource consultancy on the behalf of the small/medium business enterprises. Apart from development social profile of the employers, the human recruitment agencies also take care of any queries that might be generated to the job seekers during the recruitment processes.

Ability to effectively access to key strategic skills and recruitment within the provided budget or resource has helped the recruitment agencies to provide the right candidates with highly paid Jobs for Electrical Engineer in Delhi.  For sourcing the best talents, the human resource agencies have appointed a team of human resource professionals.

IT Placement Consultants and Recruitment Agencies in Delhi NCR

For the purpose of bridging gap between employers and employees, the renowned & reputed placement & recruitment agencies provide placement and recruitment services for really small to medium level professional jobs. Placement and recruitment agencies across the world are highly demanded by both the employees and the employers.

The services of the placement and recruitment agencies are hired by the employers to find professionals that best suit their needs and requirements. Moreover, the employees find the services of the placement and recruitment agencies for the purpose of getting into right kind of job with high salary and facilities.

For the purpose of meeting the precise needs of the employees and employers, the placement and recruitment agencies follow quality focused approaches while rendering the cost effective placement and recruitment services. As per the specifications provided by the employers, the best recruitment agencies take help of various online job portals.

IT or NON IT, Aviation, Manufacturing, and Telecom are some of the sectors where the placement & recruitment services are highly demanded.  Mechanical & Engineers and Electrical & Electronics are recruited and placed in various reputed and well-known organization by some of the best recruitment and placement agencies.

By providing best recruitment & placement services at cost effective prices, some of the renowned organizations has been able to win the trust of the employees and employers in the most efficient manner. Moreover, the recruitment agencies in Delhi broadcast the job opportunities in various print & electronic media. Some of the other sectors where the placement and recruitment services are demanded are Automobiles, FMCG and Civil Engineering.

To ensure high effectiveness, the recruitment & placement agencies are hired a team of highly experienced human resource and other support professionals. The human resource professionals are provided with training sessions, to enhance and polish their skills in the most efficient manner. Their eye of talent and skills has helped them to recruit professionals with right kind of skills and experience. The recruitment professionals send for further selection procedures at the employers’ end.

In a zest to attain the Best Recruitment Agencies in Delhi, many reputed and well-known organization provides highly effective recruitment and placement services at the most competitive prices. The quality of placement and recruitment services is the utmost priority to the manpower organizations and is maintained as per the industry specifications norms and regulations.

The reputed IT Placement Consultants in Delhi NCR  offers the placement & recruitment of different Information Technology professionals with right kind of IT knowledge and skills. The information technology professionals get a job after a series of written and personal rounds of interviews conducted by various employers.

Placement & Recruitment Services Rendered By Different Renowned Job Placement Consultancy in Delhi NCR

The job placement & recruitment consultancy organization has made strong and long lasting association with some of the renowned electrical & civil engineering companies in India and aboard. Based on their needs and requirements, the renowned civil & electrical engineering company provides the requirement of candidates for the post of various positions as electrical and civil engineers. Now it is the responsibility of job placement and recruitment agencies to provide the electrical & civil engineering companies with appropriate candidates that fit the requirements of the employers.

For short listing of suitable candidates, the job placement & recruitment agencies take help of various free or paid job portals in the region. The shortlisted candidates are called for interview and other rounds of selection procedures. For the purpose of carrying out all the selection procedures in the most efficient way, the job placement agencies are appointed a team of highly human resource professionals. Besides this, the human resource professionals are trained to enhance their skills in the most efficient way.

They work in close coordination with each other, to ensure that all the selection procedures are carried in the most streamlined way. Their eye for talent, skill and hard work, has helped the human resource professionals to recruit the best suitable candidate jobs for the post of electrical & civil engineers in the most efficient way. Boosting by the hassle-free workplace, the job placement and recruitment agencies has been able to attain maximum the employer approval and satisfaction. Total quality management approaches followed by the job placement & recruitment agencies, to ensure that the recruitment is done in the most professional way.

Owing to rich experience and knowledge of this domain, the renowned & well-known job placement consultancy provides job opportunities to different electrical engineers and civil engineers with a right set of skills, knowledge and experience. The job placement consultancy has appointed a team of skilled professionals, to ensure that the placement and recruitment services in the most systematic way. By providing proper training, the technical & professional skills of the electrical engineers & civil engineers are enhanced in the most efficient way.

The Civil Engineer Recruitment in Delhi  is done as per the needs and requirements provided by the employers. The well-known human resource professionals broadcast the civil engineer employment opportunity in different newspapers and other electronic media. Based on personal & technical tests & interviews conducted by a panel of experienced professionals, the candidates for the civil engineer and technical jobs are appointed by the human resource consultancy in Delhi and NCR.

Highly paid Jobs for Electrical Engineer in Delhi are provided to the job seekers. Based on the qualification, skills and other requirements provided by the employers, the electrical engineer can be shortlisted for working in different multi-national companies. The shortlisted electrical engineers send to further rounds of interviews at the employers.